I am on a roll, I am working long hours and having a blast

It sure made a difference moving and having a long break away from the canvas, I could hardly wait to paint again and now that I have an area set up I am really enjoying painting again.

I am planning to do a huge series of sirens, movie stars and artists. I can barely sleep due to all the thinking planning and sketching.

Well more soon, I will post each time I feel that I made enough progress to show.

Here are some of the photos and the paintings

Cynthia R was posing with her husband and very pregnant

She did not want the flowers or the earing in the painting
I was 20 in this photo and wanted to make myself look happier looking...
I dont look happier but like the line drawing effect and the green eyes
I saw this photo in a magazine and thougt it was haunting, I did edit out Joe Dimagio because he was just so strange looking and had a strange look on his face. This was their wedding day

Here is the photo, I wish I could have done better in many places and may try again.